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HealthWise at 5 From 2.6

  • Obesity Virus

Could there be an obesity virus? Researchers injected chickens with three different adenoviruses to find out. Those are viruses that can cause a variety of conditions, including the common cold. They found one specific virus caused the chickens to become overweight, even though they ate the same amount as the chickens that were not injected with the virus. But, more studies are needed. And, researchers say it's likely this will not be a legitimate excuse for the millions who are overweight.

  • Incontinence

Here's another reason for obese women to drop some pounds. Researchers have found that just losing just ten to fifteen pounds may help with another problem: urinary incontinence. Researchers found women who stuck to a healthy diet and exercise regimen lost 5 to 7% of their body weight, and had fewer episodes of incontinence. This study was part of a large pre-diabetes study, which found diet and exercise lowered the risk for diabetes among overweight women. The study was part of the diabetes prevention program, a study launched in 1995 by the NIH. All 3,234 women in the study were overweight and had higher than normal blood glucose levels. They were randomly assigned to increased physical activity, oral diabetes drug or placebo.

  • Angry Men

Here's a good reason to calm the men in your family. Researchers at the University of Missouri interviewed 2,500 male patients in emergency rooms and found more than 30% of the guys reported feeling irritated just before their injury. 18% said they had been angry, and 13% said they had been downright hostile before landing themselves in an emergency situation. Surprisingly, road rage wasn't even part of this study. Just routine life events that linked anger to some injury.

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