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New Evidence in Internet Sex Crime Case

He's already accused of sharing pornographic images with children, and now NewsChannel 11 learns a Lubbock man may also have had a sexual relationship with a minor.

Court documents released on Monday that reveal possible evidence the prosecution will use against Paul Burton. We first told you about Burton three weeks ago when we learned a watchdog group caught him chatting inappropriately with an adult posing as a 13-year-old girl online.

Accused Sex Offender Pleads Not Guilty
The Lubbock man accused of chatting online with children, and sending pornographic pictures, appeared in Federal Court Wednesday to hear the charges against him.

On Monday, NewsChannel 11 obtained federal court documents that accuse Burton of having sex with a minor he met online. The investigation first started last summer with the web site ( Now, the allegations against Burton are mounting.

Last Friday, Dateline NBC ran a series about men who were soliciting sex from what they thought were minors. When they showed up to have relations, NBC walked out with some questions like, "Who did you think you were going to meet here today? A 13-year-old boy?"

Perverted Justice helps catch Internet predators trying to seduce minors online and meet them for sex. The group's efforts led to the arrest of 24-year-old Paul Burton from Lubbock.

Internet Watchdog Group Helps Lubbock Authorities Nab Sexual Predator
A Lubbock man is facing 100 years in prison after being accused of Internet sex crimes with children. 23-year-old Paul Mark Burton was caught by an average citizen nearly 2,000 miles away. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains how a group of vigilantes got together to keep predators away from our kids.

"These guys do, and are, able to find minors online and are often able to solicit them successfully." Xavier Von Erck from Perverted Justice says they never know the history of the predators they work with, but they do hope to know the future. "It's really important that we're able to get them before they do it again. It would be great to get to them quicker, but the absolute workload is unimaginable to anyone who does go into these rooms."

Burton has six charges against him. He's already pleaded not guilty to one count of interstate child pornography and one count of enticing a child. Court documents, show the US attorney's argument on other possible incriminating evidence against Burton. They say along with the Perverted Justice investigation, Burton possessed and received child pornography. He, "met a minor female on the Internet, traveled to meet her, and engaged in a sexual relationship with the girl." They also show how he tried to flee to Mexico when prosecutors were on the case.

Perverted Justice hopes they can work with parents and law enforcement to stop Internet sex crimes before they happen. "Don't say it can't happen to my teen, it can and it does."

Burton's trial will begin one month from today in federal court where he faces up to 50 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

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