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Low Fat Diet Study Results Are Misleading

If you see the headline tomorrow, "low fat food farce", don't be fooled.

A study out Tuesday is one of the largest ever after following 48,000 women 8 years. Half were put on a low fat diet and half were not, and researchers say they were surprised to find the low fat diet did not reduce the rate of breast cancer, colon cancer or heart disease as they had hoped. In fact, health experts from Stanford and other universities are already saying the study was flawed, because we didn't know then what we know now about fats. That is, that some fats are healthy.

"Over the last ten years that we've been doing this study the guidelines have been changing to reducing saturated fat, not total fat, and to increasing vegetables and fruit," says Dr. Marcia Stefanick with the Stanford University School of Medicine.

So, Dr. Stefanick says a low fat diet is still the answer if you cut the right fats because the study proves that cutting down on all fat is not the answer.

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