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Dry, Windy Weather Fuels Fires Around Lubbock

CR 1100, West of Reese Center CR 1100, West of Reese Center
4400 N. Guava 4400 N. Guava
3400 Block of I-27 3400 Block of I-27
Slaton Hwy. Slaton Hwy.

The first fire started about 12:30 Tuesday afternoon.

"Upon arrival we had about five to ten farm houses threatening with a couple of old abandoned farm houses involved," said West Carlisle Fire Chief Tim Smith.

Chief Smith called for back-up when a grass fire sparked on County Road 1100, just west of Reese Technology Center. Shallowater, Levelland and Smyer responded to the blaze as well. Lubbock firefighters guarded the gate at Reese in case the fire spread.

"The high wind we had today, the exposures around this, it's nothing but CRP land as far as the eye can see," said Smith. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze without any danger to Reese within an hour.

Two hours later, Lubbock firefighters found themselves trying to salvage junk vehicles. Two junk cars were charred when a grass fire sparked in a North Lubbock junk yard.

Just before 4pm, two more grass fires broke out. Firefighters believe worker equipment may have sparked a fire in the median in the 3400 block of I-27.

Lastly, it is still not known what caused a grass fire just beyond the railroad tracks on Highway 84. Buffalo Springs Lake firefighters put out that fire within minutes.

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