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State Rep. Isett to Serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom

As Governor Rick Perry makes plans to call a special session, one Lubbock legislator is called to help fight the war on terror. State Representative Carl Isett is being deployed to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Isett is a commissioned officer in the Navy Reserves and he announced on Wednesday that he will lead a new battalion of more than 400 Navy reservists. Isett's orders could require him to be overseas for up to one year. Isett is currently at a naval station in Virginia training for his upcoming military mission.

This comes at a time when state legislators are facing a June deadline to revamp the public school finance system. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire spoke with him by phone to find out how he plans to do his part in handling one of the state's biggest issues while he's out of the country.

Representative Isett will be spending a lot of time checking his e-mail while he's overseas, either that or on the phone. His chief of staff will keep him briefed almost on a daily basis on all issues, especially those important to West Texas.

Again, the governor is expected to call a special session on school finance this spring. Isett says he hopes to restructure the tax system to make it more fair. He said every child should get the same education opportunities regardless of where he lives. Isett will be able to vote on the issues, he'll just learn the information from his chief of staff.

Isett is running for re-election and the bulk of the campaign will take place while he's overseas. He said his supporters and campaign managers will run the campaign as if he is still in the United States.

"I hope people will take into consideration my military service when they ask why is he not here, and realize I'll be there as soon as I can, if re-elected I'll be home in time for the next legislative session," said Rep. Isett in a phone interview.

Again Isett could be in the Persian Gulf for up to a year, but said he'll be able to pass along a limited "insiders" view as to what's happening with the war on terror.

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