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The Wash-N-Curl: Does It Work?

Apparently, there is a whole lot of curl in this bottle that only cost us $5. It is called the Wash-N-Curl and it says it will leave your hair fresh and clean and provide the most beautiful curls, after styling. After styling???

"I'm not sure if you wash your hair and it's automatically curly," said Jodee Reed. Reed said she would test the shampoo on her hair that is straight. But before we started the test, we curled her hair so we could have a before and after.

The directions says to wash your hair twice and on the second time, leave the shampoo in for five minutes before rinsing. After she dried her hair, a revelation. "We know now it doesn't go wet to curly," said Cecelia.

Jodee took a curling iron to her hair to see if the shampoo made her hair curl responsive. "As far as any difference, it looks the same without the shampoo in my hair," Reed said.

Reed said it doesn't work.

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