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Anti-Depressants During Pregnancy

Three new studies released this week all point to the same problem. A woman who is coping with depression and then gets pregnant is in a pickle when it comes to treatment. And now, the FDA says it is going to take a closer look at anti-depressants during pregnancy.

Since all 3 studies indicate that combination sends up a red flag. So, you might think..just don't take those drugs while you're pregnant...but the New England Journal of Medicine says that's not a good idea either. Because, if left untreated, depression can increase the risk of neuro-developmental problems in the newborn and post-partum depression in the new mom.

"If somebody has moderate to severe symptoms to me it is very clear that the risk of an SSSRI is going to be much less than the risk of adverse consequences to the mother and baby of untreated depression," said Samantha Meltzer-Brody MD, a psychiatrist.

But Dr. Meltzer-Brody says it's crucial that if a woman has suffered from depression and gets pregnant she should tell her doctor so they can weigh the options. Which may include choosing drugs with a better safety record and tapering the doses at certain points of the pregnancy to help reduce any potential side effects.

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