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North and East Housing Development Back on Track

Development is moving forward in North and East Lubbock and builders are looking for tenants. Last October, you will recall construction of a new subdivision was halted last fall but now it is back on track.

The reason why the homes in the Kings Dominon have not been built is because of mineral right owners. The owners wanted to build new oil wells on the same property as the new homes. Four months ago, the city of Lubbock yanked funding for land development until the owners agreed to stop building the wells. The N&E Community Development Corporation (NECDC) says the owners have agreed to not build any more wells and the city has released the funding.

NECDC director John Hall says the land on Erskine and MLK Blvd. will have water and sewer pipes and paved streets by March. Then by June, two new homes will be ready for owners to move-in. Betenbough is building the homes valued between $85,000 to $150,000. However, they are only building homes as people are approved for home loans.

Hall says more is happening in East Lubbock. "We are also working on Economic Development project. We are now planning to put the financing together. We're aggressively recruiting commercial tenants. I'm in very good discussions and ready to sign leases with a couple of respective tenants," said Hall.

The construction on that shopping center starts later this year next to the Patterson Library on Parkway Drive.

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