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Food for Thought Report 2.9

The health department found mouse droppings in or around areas of the cafeteria at those three schools and a very rare and dangerous disease could have formed from another violation. The first place the health department found mouse droppings is Estacado High, and that's one of two violations they received. The second violation is dented cans, which can be a major health hazard. If the can has a hole botulism can form in the food. Botulism is a serious disease, so serious that even one case is considered an outbreak. It can lead to paralysis even death.

Food for Thought 2.9
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 2/9/06.

Parkway Elementary received the same two violations. The health department found mouse droppings in the storage area as well as dented cans.

O.L Slaton Junior High is the final school where the health department found mouse droppings in the storage area. That is the only violation they received.

A cafeteria spokesperson issued a statement, "our top priority is to ensure that the food served at LISD is of the highest quality within the safest environment possible. We continuously train our managers and employees on proper techniques in food handling and food safety procedures. The violations that were found during the inspection were corrected on site."

However the news isn't all bad for LISD. Bean Elementary is a top performer this week receiving zero violations.

Three Lubbock restaurants combine for 15 violations from the health department. One location was cited for storing soiled wiping cloths on food and another location was cited for mold. But we start with our restaurant top performers in this edition of Food for Thought.

J.C.'s Burritos on West 19th wins a spot on the top performer list with no violations during their health inspection.

J.C's employee Rachel Roberts said, "it just feels really good. It just shows us how good of a job we're doing."

They also win the award for the most original way to get a Bob Knight autograph on their wall. J.C.'s regulars may know that Knight signed a permission slip allowing them to name "The Bobby Knight Burrito," which has become a customer favorite.

"Oh yes!" said Roberts, "(we sell) bunches, especially during basketball season."

Taco Villa at 1911 50th is also a top performer. Management there tells us they pride themselves on cleanliness.

Also making the top performing list this week is Pete's Drive in at 529 34th and Simple Simon's Pizza at 3410 I-27.

For the low performers we start at Chinese Kitchen where they have five violations, one having to do with mold.

  • Chicken and egg rolls were stored above the required temperature for cold foods 41 degrees.
  • Good hygiene practices weren't being followed, open drinks were stored on and above food contact surfaces.
  • Soda nozzles had mold built up on the interior nozzle.
  • Back covers thermometers were not calibrated.
  • A date marking system was not in place.

Management tells NewsChannel 11 they have since implemented a date marking system and are now more closely following health codes.

George's at 6914 82nd has the most violations with six.

  • Inspectors found broken eggs stored in the walk in cooler, soiled wiping cloths were found on food contact surfaces and on frozen chicken fried steak.
  • Burritos and gyro meat not date marked were stored in the reach in cooler.
  • A spray bottle with unknown solution was not marked.
  • Broken knives were found in the kitchen.

George's management did not return our phone call for a comment.

Bigham's Smokehouse is the final low performer with four violations.

  • Meat was found being stored ten to 15 degrees below the required 140 degrees.
  • Brisket was still at 97 degrees two hours after being prepared. Cooked food must reach 70 degrees by two hours to ensure bacteria does not develop.
  • Containers with serving utensils were not being cleaned every four hours.

Management tells us, "the violations were minor. We cleaned and corrected everything and during our follow up inspection two days later the health department gave us a clean bill."

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