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Using the Body Mass Index To Fight Infertility

Infertility affects more than 6 million American woman. Some doctors are recommending a new way to improve your chance of getting pregnant, and it doesn't include thermometers, shots or pills...just strong will and determination.

"To lose about 25/30 pounds," said Bonnie Levins.

That was the prescription for Bonnie who's been trying to get pregnant for a year and a half. Fertility specialists like Dr. Samuel Pang say there is a logical reason why weight loss can improve a woman's chance of getting pregnant.

"Estrogens are produced in fat and the more fat tissue you have the higher your estrogen levels will be. And what it does is, it causes an imbalance in the body and that can lead to problems with ovulation," said Dr. Pang.

Dr. Pang says the best way to figure out a woman's ideal weight range is to use the body mass index or BMI. And the recommendation is not just for women, Dr. Pang says a man's BMI will also effect a couples' fertility because his weight can hurt his sperm production. The BMI is the ratio of the weight to the person's height to calculate the ideal or optimum body weight.

The normal range for a BMI falls between 18 and 25 depending on your height. And Dr. Pang says that's also the best range for a couple to get pregnant.

So how do you figure out your BMI? The National Institute of Health has on online calculator that makes it really easy. To learn your BMI, just click here.

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