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A Message On Dental Health From Dr. McCarver

We have presented a program on ECC (Early Childhood Caries) in the schools in Lamesa and Levelland for several years. As a member of Dentists Who Care (www.dentistswhocare.com) the natural progression was to adopt the education materials of Operation Stop Decay (www.operationstopdecay.com ) and reach more children in both communities. I want to be proactive in my community in preventing the #1 chronic childhood disease, tooth decay, according to the CDC. I can't physically treat all the kids that need help but I can do my best to break the cycle and educate them.

As far as fast foods and diet, soft drinks (such as Mountain Dew) are the number one enemy of healthy teeth. The strong combination of acid and sugar coating teeth over an extended period of time, if these drinks are sipped on for several hours, is devastating for some folks. Sports drinks can do the same if ingested the same.

My message to adults is your mouth connects to the rest of your body in several ways. The same blood that flows in your blood stream to your heart and brain must pass through your mouth. We have a teaching aid we use in caring and educating our friends and patients that I will bring and mention if that is OK. I would also like to leave a copy for you as a reference. It really is as simple as there are three ways teeth can be lost. The first two are a bacterial infection and the last is how they fit together.

I love what I do, be it very stressful at times, and I truly want those I can get the message to be healthy.

Thank you,

R. Kevin McCarver, DDS PA

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