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Banks Speak Out About Suspects Charged in Robberies

The arrests of these suspects will end a two-year-period of fear for bank employees across Lubbock. Bank employees we spoke with say the robberies made them feel vulnerable and question security procedures. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel tells us what message one bank has for the suspects.

The bank's message is, 'crime will catch up to you.' We spoke with the C.E.O. and branch manager of People's Bank about what they've gone through for the past two years. Their bank on 34th and Memphis was robbed twice.

"I was banking 25 years, and this was the first time I'd ever been through a robbery," said Larry Allen, People's

Allen said the days of the robberies started like every other day. The tellers were helping customers, and branch manager Aubrey Richburg was going to run a business errand.

"The first time, I was gone 5 minutes. The second time was the same instance. So evidently they watched where we parked, knew who we were, who was in the bank, it was very scary when you got somebody looking over your shoulder," said R

The man was wearing a disguise. He wrote a note and said he was armed. It took just minutes for the robber to get away. But in those few minutes, lives were changed forever. "Every time I leave the bank I think something like this could happen again," said

Allen adds, "we did make adjustments to security, the procedures we were doing. Again, if someone were to do that, short of putting bars on the doors and having people go through metal detectors, there's not really a whole lot you can

But now, employees are giving the suspects a message. "I hope they get the help that they need. They effected a lot of people, effected a good institution, along with several other institutions in town. Leave us alone," said Richburg. Allen agrees, saying, "these guys stole from me, and other shareholders. Don't take what's not yours."

We contacted the other three banks that were robbed here in Lubbock. Two did not want to comment, but State National Bank told us they were very pleased and they hope this sends a message to other criminals that if you plan a crime, you will get caught.

Suspects Nabbed in Two Year Bank Robbery Spree
Two men arrested in Amarillo for robbing a Lubbock bank last October are also suspected in a two year robbery spree.  NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy digs up more information about the case.

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