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Friends Remember Texas Tech Student Killed in Crash

Amber Menefee's best friend, Rachel Bruton says the last time she saw Amber was the day she died. They had lunch at Amber's favorite restaurant and spent their time talking about the good days.

Aside from the tears, Rachel and Amber's friend were able to laugh. "That was like from middle school," said Lorraine Heredia. Rachel Bruton has been Amber's best friend since kindergarten. They played high school basketball together in their hometown of Andrews. Amber wore the number 11 on her jersey. Rachel says it was her favorite number.

"I take my camera every where we go," said Rachel as she showed us photos. Rachel is making a collage with those photos. The collage will capture all the good times she has had with Amber and all of their closest friends.

"This is my favorite picture. I stole it from her. She said I could keep it," said Rachel. The picture she now cherishes is one of the most recent pictures of Amber before she was killed. This will be one of many pictures that will go on the canvass. "She complained about how I didn't have enough pictures of her on my wall," said Rachel.

Now there will be plenty. The collage will serve as a reminder to Rachel to remain tough and to always remember the good times. She says that is what Amber would have wanted.

"I'm not angry at Erin (Reagan). I can't understand why her friends didn't take the keys away from her," said Rachel.

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