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District 83 Campaign Ads, Is It Dirty Advertising?

The republican primary elections are now just 21 days away and that means the big campaign efforts are in full swing. Three candidates are seeking the District 83 State Representative seat, and as NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire tells us, that race is getting heated.

As you may know, the candidates are incumbent Delwin Jones, Lubbock businessman Van Wilson and former Lubbock City Councilman Frank Morrison. Many of you have probably seen the television ads and the mail outs with one candidate making accusations at another. We wanted to get to the bottom of it so we asked each candidate is there any truth to what's being said about you.

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District 83 State House Representative Delwin Jones is seeking his 15th term. He said his campaign motto is "experience, achievement and truth." Jones said he's spent the last three decades improving West Texas agriculture and being an advocate for Texas Tech.

In a current television ad, opponent Van Wilson accuses Jones of becoming more liberal every year. In response, Jones tells NewsChannel 11 one of Austin's most liberal democrats called him upon hearing the accusation.

"He said if you're liberal I think the John Burks society must've merged in with the NAACP because you've been the biggest opponent I've had on every liberal issue," laughed Jones.

Wilson also accuses Jones of voting for various taxes. Jones has his own television ad dispelling what he says is false. Jones said it's not dirty advertising because he's stating the truth. "There's a direct contradiction of a statement made. I think I need to tell the people that statements are made that are not true," commented Jones.

Jones claims Wilson has received money from special interest lobbyists to fund his campaign, which Jones said could influence Wilson to make decisions in the lobbyists interest rather than what's best for District 83. However, Wilson denies that claim.

NewsChannel 11 asked, "are you saying you have taken some lobbyist money?" Wilson replied, "No. I haven't taken any lobbyist money."

Wilson said he devoted his entire advertisement to what Jones has done because voters need to know they've been misrepresented. "The best way to measure that is looking at what he's done in the past 30 years he's been down there (in Austin)."

Candidate Frank Morrison said he's skipping television advertisements altogether because he'd rather campaign with voters face to face. He was unavailable for an on camera interview because he was doing just that in Seminole.

"I believe the most important method of campaigning is one on one, face to face campaigning where you're talking to the constituents, having an opportunity to let them meet you, look you in the eye and evaluate whether or not you're going to be able to represent their views in Austin," Morrison told NewsChannel 11 in a phone interview.

He said his primary issues are education and finding transportation funding.

The primary republican elections are March 7th.

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