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The Head-On: Does It Work?

Migraine headache's are the worst! Your head throbs and you can hardly keep your eyes open. Mary Ann Thomson says she gets three to four headaches a week and wanted to know if the Head-On works. "I thought it would be nice to find something where I don't have to swallow another pill," she said.

"It says I'm to be at least 12-years-old and to apply it directly to my forehead," read Mary Ann.

Mary Ann rubbed the Head-On all over her forehead. "It feels cool, maybe from the menthol," she said.

We gave her the product to use and checked back with her after one week. "I used it several times this week and it worked every time I used it," she said.

Mary Ann says it took about one hour for it to work and she was completely satisfied with the product. The Head-On works!

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