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Aspirin Therapy: Is It Right For You?

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are taking a baby aspirin a day because it's the right thing to do for heart health. That's what we've been told for years....right? Well, it turns out that baby aspirin may not be working for you.

New research indicates we can't all take the same dose to get the same benefit. So, here's what's new...a simple blood test called the 'verify-now aspirin test' can let you know in about 30 minutes if your aspirin dose is working.

"With aspirin it was always an assumption that it was working no matter what, until this test showed that there are a lot of people who are resistant to aspirin, in fact 20-30 percent of the population been taken aspirin, it's really not doing them any good. So it is very important for those people who do need to be on aspirin that we now measure it and be able to tell whether or not that they're getting the proper dose," says James Grattan, M.D., a cardiologist.

Dr. Grattan says the test score reveals how easily your blood clots so doctors can see if your aspirin dose is working to thin your blood and hopefully, prevent a blood clot. He says if the score is over 550, you may need to increase your aspirin dose to get the benefit you want.

The aspirin test is only about $40 and it is covered by Medicare, so, if you are on aspirin therapy, ask your doctor for the test. Some family physicians are already bringing this into their offices.

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