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Funeral Services Held for Victim of Weekend Car Wreck

A Texas Tech student hit and killed by an alleged drunk driver was buried Thursday in Andrews. Twenty-one year-old Amber Menefee died just before midnight Friday after he car collided head-on with an SUV that was going the wrong way on the West Loop. Police said the driver 20-year-old Erin Nicole Reagan was drunk. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire spoke with the Menefee about the tragedy their facing.

Pictures and memories of Amber Menefee are all around her grandmother's house. Her funeral program is one of the last visual memories of Amber they'll ever receive.

Amber's Aunt Sharon Jones said, "This is the end and this is the last time when they close the casket, it's the last time we'll see Amber."

The Menefee's held funeral services for Amber Thursday afternoon. She was killed late Friday night in a collision. Since then, friends and family have shown an overwhelming outpouring of support. The funeral director had to stop accepting flower deliveries because the room was full, the guest book filled up and Amber's mother Brenda Menefee had to ask for more pages.

"It just couldn't come to me," said Brenda. She still can't believe her daughter is gone. She was in disbelief Saturday morning when police knocked on her door and told her Amber was dead.

"I thought it was a mistake. It didn't register with me until later that night. I was just in shock because I had just talked to her two hours before that," said Brenda.

"We want the world to know what Erin Nicole Regean has done to Amber and it's just a senseless, senseless act," said Jones.

Jones said the family is coming to terms with Amber's death, but the biggest question she has is why do people still choose to drink and drive knowing the results can be tragic. "All these innocent people dying for something that just doesn't even make sense," she said.

Jones also said if Reagan made a better decision that night Amber may still be here now. "She had so much going for her," said Jones, "it just cut her down in the prime of her life. It just doesn't make sense."

The Menefee's said they've already been in contact with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. They hope to use Amber's death to help prevent others from drinking and driving. The family also wants to thank everyone who has sent flowers and cards to help them get through this difficult time.

Candlelight Vigil Held for Tech Student Killed in Crash
Less than twenty-four hours before their friend is laid to rest, friends are remembering Amber Menefee with a candlelight vigil. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel was at South Plains College with Amber Menefee's friends who said they still can't believe Amber's not coming back.

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