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New Device In the Fight Against Breast Cancer

It's widely considered our best test in finding breast cancer, but the mammogram is not perfect. Mainly because some women, especially young women, have breast tissue that make
mammograms hard to interpret.

"We are using this device for women who have dense breasts and strong family histories for breast cancer. We are also using this device in patients who have a known cancer to see if there are other areas of cancer in the same breast or in the other breast," says Dr. Joshua Gross, with Beth Israel Medical Center.

The new device is called the BSGI scanner. It looks like a mammogram but it's actually a very different type of breast scan. Before using this, the patient has an injection of a very low level radioactive tracer which that allows the BSGI to find hidden breast cancer cells.

The BSGI does not replace mammograms. It's used at some clinics now in addition to mammograms...particularly in women whose mammograms are hard to read.

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