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Massive Meth Bust at Lubbock Home

On Thursday night, South Plains authorities made what's being called one of the "largest methamphetamine bust in Lubbock."

Late Thursday evening, DPS and Levelland police confiscated more than 4 pounds of the illegal drug known as "ice" at a Lubbock business at 2319 114th Street. It's the pure form of meth and is valued at $200,000. They also found several pricey cars leading agents to believe the car business was a front for a drug business.

An undercover agent told NewsChannel 11, "There's a lot of it our there. A lot of different people selling it. It's definitely significant. Whether or not it will effect supply, I don't know."

So far, authorities have arrested one man who will be charged with drug possession with intent to deliver.

A Closer Look at Meth
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