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Agencies Disagree About Possible Lead in Human Remains Case

The Lubbock County Sheriff's Department is saying there is a definite lead in the human remains case, but Amarillo authorities believe different. Thursday night, we showed you a photo of Dorien Deon Thomas. He disappeared in 1998, from Amarillo, when he was 9-years-old. He was last seen riding his bike.

NewsChannel 11 showed a sketch Tuesday night, and we put that along with an age-progression picture of Dorien. Because of the physical similarities, Lubbock investigators say he could be a match to the human remains that were found at Yellow House Canyon. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains why Amarillo police are telling us there is a very small chance the two are a match.

LSO says the age of the body, the race, and the similarities from the sketch all make Dorien a very possible lead to uncovering an identity, but Amarillo says the timing just doesn't add up.

According to Amarillo police, the time lines from when Dorien went missing in 1998 to the time when Lubbock investigators found the remains in 2005, would mean a lot of what-if's. They say Dorien would've had to have been kidnapped and kept alive for all those years to match the 16-year-old body that was found. Amarillo authorities also say they have no leads on Dorien's case that lead to Lubbock.

The one thing both agencies agree on, they have to wait for DNA results to say anything for sure. DNA from both the remains and Dorien Thomas are in North Texas right now being compared. We'll keep you updated as soon as we have any further information.

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