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Fire at Bridal Store

Mor Le' Fashion at 82nd and Slide caught fire just before 9am. The Fire Marshall's office says the blaze was contained to a small portion of the building, but the heat and smoke damage is extensive. The fire broke out in the area where the most expensive bridal dresses are held. Total damage estimates are not in yet, but they are expected to be very high - including $200,000 to $300,000 in wedding dresses alone.

And with wedding season just around the corner many brides had dresses inside Mor Le'. Now those soon-to-be-brides are all wodering the same thing. What's next?

"I am wondering what I am going to do now," said Gretchen Quebe.

Saturday's blaze that tore through part of Mor Le' fashion has many soon-to-be-brides asking questions.

"It took four months to get my dress in. So now i am just curious to what is going to happen now," Quebe said.

She drove down from Amarillo Saturday morning just to try on her wedding dress. Now she has more to worry about than if her dress fits.

"i am just really worried about what i am going to do. As far as my bridesmaids dresses were supposed to be ordered through them, and now it is just wait and see - and find out what they say is going to happen next," Quebe said.

"It is devastating. At least for all of us certainly no one wants to ever go through something like this and its been very difficult," Mor Le' owner Sallie Morris said.

Morris has already secured a place to reopen her store in the same shopping center.

"We have heavy damage, but for every girl that had a dress or a veil or a pair of shoes at our store we will take care of you regardless of how soon your wedding is," Morris said.

"We will regroup very quickly and get this taken care of for our customers," Morris said.

For Morris this isn't her first time to deal with the tragedy of a fire.

"Twenty years ago I was managing bridal elegance and the store burned and virtually we lost everything," Morris said.

Just like years ago morris plans to stay on top of all the needs of her customers.

"We've been here 20 years, and we don't plan to leave yet," Morris said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Twenty four-year-old firefighter Clint Morris suffered minor back and neck injuries while fighting the fire this morning. He was treated and released from UMC.

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