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Tech Subpoenaed in SMU Lawsuit Over Presidential Library

The bid for the George W. Bush Presidential Library is now part of a lawsuit and the West Texas Coalition is now being asked to turn over their proposal. We first told you about the lawsuit Friday when property owners sued Southern Methodist University because they feel they're being forced out of their homes to make room for the library should SMU win the bid. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains what those lawyers now want from Texas Tech.

NewsChannel 11 is the only station to obtain the subpoena. What is written in the court document could play a part in determining the location of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

David Miller, the chairman of the West Texas Coalition, says 'hands off' their proposal.

"Because of the competition that's still going on and because of my competitive nature, I'm not going to give that to anyone that's not entitled to it legally or otherwise," Miller says, "We're taking a firm stand that we'll let you have everything we have just as soon as the President and First Lady award the bid."

The subpoena asks Texas Tech and the other three universities for their proposals. Up until this point, the only people who have seen the proposal's are the selection committee, the President, and the First Lady.

"In his words, they are greatly interested in these new ideas we've put forth and I could tell you what they are, but I'd have to shoot you," said Miller, but he might not have a choice about keeping secret.

The man who filed the lawsuit against SMU, Gary Vodicka, went on MSNBC Monday night. He told NewsChannel 11, ultimately, he subpoenaed all the universities because he just wants to know if SMU is building over his home.

So what does this mean for Tech? Miller says with all the controversy surrounding the once proclaimed front-runner SMU, the President might feel his library is more welcome elsewhere.

"He doesn't want confrontation, he's not getting that in West Texas," says Miller.

Texas Tech has asked the Attorney General if they must turn over the proposal before the bid is announced, but they're still waiting for an answer. David Miller tells us the bid is expected to be announced in the next 40 days. Meanwhile, there is a hearing in Dallas tomorrow between SMU and the property owners.

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