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John Miller

John Miller will announce that he will seek the Texas House of Representatives District 83 seat in next year’s general election as a Democrat. “I did not make the decision to run again lightly,” said Mr. Miller. “More than ever before, Texans need real change in our representation in Austin and it goes to the party leadership levels.”

A twenty-eight year military veteran, Mr. Miller rose through the ranks, first as a enlisted Marine and then as an Army Reserve Officer. On completing his Viet Nam tour of duty during 1967-68, he returned to marry his childhood sweetheart Torill, who is the math coordinator at Roosevelt High School. In 1985 he completed the Army Command & General Staff College and in 1992 he was selected as one of 25 Army Reserve officers worldwide to participate in the U. S. Army War College’s Defense Strategy Course. The course is designed to improve the officer’s understanding of the national security strategy of the United States in a complex and changing environment. Miller retired in 1996, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Shortly after the start of the nations “war on terrorism,” even though retired, Lt. Colonel Miller was called by Army Counter-Intelligence from Ft Bliss for his terrorism risk-assessment for West Texas. Not bad for a kid that joined the Marines at the age of 17.

John used his GI Bill benefits on returning from Viet Nam to attend college during his second enlistment with the Marines. Later, after some police work and earning an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement, Mr. Miller worked for the Internal Revenue Service’s Intelligence Division and earned his Bachelor’s degree in 1978 in Behavioral Science. In 1984 he would earn his MBA from Oklahoma City University.

In 1997, Mr. Miller formed WesTex Document Company, a rapid-growth corporation which is located at the Reese Technology Center. He has started a second corporation this year to provide data vaulting services. He has been a member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce for over six years, serves on the South Plains Association of Governments’ Citizens Corps Council, and holds professional designation in Homeland Security as a CHS-V.

“As a West Texan, I am working for outstanding public schools that are not funded by new
gambling laws, affordable health care to protect our children, and an economy that fosters
expanding opportunities for small businesses to develop and operate,” said Mr. Miller. “Property
rights, whether it be our land or our water, should not be subjected to being grabbed for profit by private entities or our government; the Trans Texas Corridor project needs public oversight to proceed in our best interests; and our water is a vast critical resource and we need to protect it for our greatgrandchildren and our region”.

“Delwin Jones has served his District constituents admirably and deserves their continued support. He voted for the children of West Texas and not for Tom Craddick’s platform. Now his party is ‘gunning to take him out.’ Even though Mr. Jones voted in support of Tom Craddick’s redistricting plan two years ago, which cost us a senior U.S. Congressman, Mr. Jones is now rewarded by his party sending two republicans to unseat him in the primary. Mr. Wilson (Republican candidate for District 83) even had the gall to attack Mr. Jones for his age and energy, while at the same time admitting he himself would have to hire experienced staff to help him in his duties,” said Miller.

“The Republican leadership has failed us in special session after special session. They are more
interested in doing what big business wants and keeping their members in lock-step than in doing what is good for the people of Texas. We must change that. Mr. Wilson is correct in asserting representatives need to work with the leadership. Only by electing more Democrats can we change that leadership for the good of our State. My candidacy will provide the voter with a real choice for leadership change.”

For more information, contact John Miller at (806)-239-0155 or follow this link:

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