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Patients Still Asking Questions of CHCL

Patients at two Lubbock health clinics are still asking questions. Patient Sandra Sanchez says, "We really don't know what to expect. I personally feel that their board of directors needs to come out here and have meetings like this so that we can ask questions to find out what the new services are gonna be and if they're gonna be the same."

Officials from Presbyterian and Children's Health Care Clinics hosted a community meeting Tuesday night to inform their patients about the options they will have once a reorganization plan is in place. The plan will put Community Health Clinic of Lubbock in charge and cease medical care at both Presbyterian and the Children's Health Care Clinic.

Last week, CHCL C.E.O. Michael Sullivan told us health care will continue. However, a court date is set for February 27th to determine which organization will handle patients who receive care at these clinics.

Sullivan Says Health Care is to Stay at CHCL
For the first time the CEO of community health center of Lubbock talks on camera.  He says CHCL will continue to provide affordable health care in Lubbock.
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A legal battle is brewing between two health care providers that could leave patients in the middle of it all.

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