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Alleged Sandwich Shop Bandit Arrested/ One on the Loose

An arrest could help police solve a series of sandwich shop robberies. A suspect in at least one of those robberies is now in custody. Twenty-one year-old Jamie Hernandez is accused of trying to rob the Subway at 4th and Frankford. It's the sixth robbery or attempted robbery in the last two weeks. Three other Subways were robbed, including the 50th and University location which was hit twice. Quizno's and Scholotzky's were also targeted. Police say it's likely Hernandez is connected to some of these robberies but they also say at least one more suspect is still out there.

Police say Hernandez used a different technique to try to rob the store. He ordered a sandwich around one o'clock Tuesday afternoon and like with the other robberies he had a note but this time the note was scribbled on a dollar bill. And this time the employees didn't hand over the money.

"In the 11 years I've been here, I've never had anything like this happen. I've never had any situations like this." The situation Subway Manager Shanna Lueras is talking about is six sandwich shop robberies in two weeks, four of them at Subway restaurants. But Tuesday afternoon, the employees at the Subway on 4th and Frankford didn't hand over any money. "I asked the guy, I said, you're telling me to give you all my money, and he said yes. I basically told him he was crazy and to leave the store."

But the man didn't leave the store. Instead, he sat down and ate his sandwich, giving the manager plenty of time to call police. "I've been watching more closely, we're very busy, so I didn't pay attention. I mean I paid attention, I just did not think he would come over here."

The sandwich shop robbery spree started with two Subways, one at 2515 82nd and another at 50th and University. Then, it was a similar scene at Quizno's just a week later on 7301 University. The next night, the sandwich shop bandit attempted to rob the Scholotzky's at 8101 Indiana. Monday night, the Subway on 50th and University was hit again. Surveillance video shows the suspect handing a note and demanding money. He waits for a while before getting the cash and then walks out. Tuesday afternoon, the suspect walked-out in handcuffs.

"They're after the big bucks, I think that's why he tried hitting in the middle of a lunch rush, he was after a lot of money and he didn't get it!" Police are still looking for a second suspect. He's described as a Hispanic man, between five-four and five-nine, with a spider tattoo on his left hand, and severe acne on his face. If you have information that can help identify the man, police ask that you call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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