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The Pasta Express: Does It Work?

It is called the Pasta Express and the makers say all you need is boiling water and it will cook your food in just minutes. It cost us $20, but Does It Work? It also says it can steam veggies so I cut up some carrots.

When you order the Pasta Express, you get two canisters. One is taller than the other. Each container has a lid that strains and a lid that keeps the steam in. All you do is add your ingredients and pour the boiling water on top of it. You let it cook for ten minutes.

While it was cooking, I noticed how the spaghetti was changing shape and how the carrots seemed to be cooking.

As soon as the ten minutes were up, I placed a Velcro thermal sleeve on the canister so I wouldn't burn myself. It came with the product.

You take the lid off and then you strain it. Seemed to look pretty good. But the spaghetti noodles were still chewy. I put it back in the Pasta Express and poured more boiling water over it. While that cooks for a second time, check out the carrots.

The carrots were crunchy and did not appeared to be steamed. Then, I strained the spaghetti once again, but again, it was no good. The Pasta Express does not work!

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