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City Enforces Codes in North Lubbock Neighborhood

Residents in a north Lubbock neighborhood are looking for a way to keep their homes tonight. Code enforcement went into the 2800 block of Cornell to clean up multiple violations in the neighborhood. They found garbage, weeds, junk vehicles, and many safety hazards inside the homes.

One neighbor says they want a clean neighborhood, but it can't happen overnight. "of course we don't want to live like that, but this is people that can't afford anything else. If they kick them out in the streets we can't go get one of those new apartments they built for $300-400 a person. A lot of these people have families, how are they going to afford anything else?" says resident, Rosa Palomo.

Stuart Walker from the City of Lubbock codes says, "the dwellings that are occupied those people don't have to move out, but the violations we sighted in their dwellings have to be complied."

The city says if someone cannot afford to do the repairs, they can call to make arrangements with the city.

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