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City to Keep Promise on Mausoleum at Lubbock Cemetery

Ninety-three Lubbock families paid $600,000 to have loved ones buried in a mausoleum at the city cemetery that still hasn't been built. Five years later, the city of Lubbock is trying to fix its "broken promises."

In the meantime, about four loved ones are "laid to rest" inside a temporary mausoleum at the city cemetery. Friday, during the city council meeting, the council voted 5-2 to move forward on plans to build the mausoleum. The city would partner with a bank in Austin who holds some of the original mausoleum contracts. The two who voted against the idea were councilmen Gary Boren and Tom Martin.

They believe the city should pay back the $600,000 to the families and cut its losses. Boren says the city will have to issue bonds to come up with the money to build the mausoleum. Boren says that is not good deal for taxpayers. "They will have to issue certificate of obligation bonds to go in debt to go in partnership with a bank in Austin to sell cypts an niches in a mausoleum to build it," said Boren.

The problems came five years ago when the city hired a contractor to sell spaces for the first mausoleum. Shortly after, that contractor filed for bankruptcy and the money was gone. The city filed a lawsuit against him, which is still pending in court. A Minnesota company will build the mausoleum. It is expected the be completed by this summer.

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