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Fire Claims the Life of a Lubbock Infant

Even though his parents tried desperately to save 9-month-old William Jay Hale, the raging fire consumed the house, making it impossible for them to get back inside.

The tragedy of loosing their son, left Joe and Amanda hale trying to sort out the events of Saturday morning.

"Our son was so happy. He was precious, he always had a smile," stated Joe Hale, William's father.

William was known by family and friends as a baby who was always full of joy.

"Our son was a very happy baby. He showed everybody love," said Amanda Hale, William's mother.

Now as the long road of grief and recovery starts, William will never be forgotten.

"He is going to be missed very much. We still don't know what happened we don't know how the fire started," said Joe Hale.

When Joe and Amanda woke up their house was already engulfed in flames and smoke had filled the house.

"I couldn't get him because I couldn't breath. I felt like my lungs were on fire, I was trying to get some air so I could go back. I was yelling at my next door neighbor to call 911, because my house was on fire. I went back in and I still couldn't breath, because the smoke was too thick," said Joe Hale.

While dealing with the tragedy of loosing their son, the Hale's want to warn others so this won't happen to them.

"Get smoke alarms if you don't have them, get them get them. Put them in. Make sure they work. You never know when a fire comes. You never know when it is going to hit."

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