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An Overnight Fire Rips Through a Duplex Killing a 9-Month-Old Baby

An overnight fire claims one life and leaves two families homeless.

Fire investigators continue to search for the cause in a fatal fire that ripped through a West Lubbock duplex overnight killing a 9-month-old baby. The fire started just before 2:30am Saturday in the 7400 block of West 19th Street. The fire completely destroyed the duplex.

The blaze sparked on the side where a family of three, including the baby, lived. The fire spread so quickly that the mother and father barley had time to get out. The Lubbock Fire Marshall's Office has not released the official cause of the fire, but they say the home was heated by space heaters, and may not have had working fire alarms.

"Something woke them up and they got out. Efforts were made to go back in and rescue the infant and that was unsuccessful," Robert Loveless, an investigator with the Lubbock Fire Marshall's Office said.

A man, who was housing two homeless men, lived on the other half of the duplex. All three got out safely, but did suffer some smoke inhalation. They are being assisted by the Red Cross.

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