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Evacuees Scared For Their Homes After Propane Tank Fire

All residents who were evacuated earlier today are still urged to stay away from their homes until it is safe to return. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel learned the Salvation Army is where evacuees can stay if they can't get in their homes overnight.

The Salvation Army and the city of Lubbock have made the location at 1614 Avenue J available to anyone needing food or shelter for the night. Many people we spoke with were stuck on the side of the road, without gas, money or food, trying to figure out if they were one of the families that lost their homes to the fire.

"It was like an atomic bomb."

"I thought it was a dumpster truck."

"I heard a gunshot."

Those are some of the first thoughts after neighbors heard a loud explosion just after 4pm Monday. "I looked out my bedroom window and saw fire and I said 'oh my God'."

Minutes after the bang, police began evacuating anyone within a half mile radius. "I got my son, 2 neighbors, my dog, my purse my medicine and that's what we got," said one resident.

Now, neighbors are afraid the few items they were able to take, are the only things they have left. "There's a chance our house burned down."

And until they know for sure, most can only sit and wait and hope they'll come back home once again. "You have to wait it out. You see this on TV, but not here in Lubbock. This is something different."

If you or someone you know is in need with food or shelter, please contact the Salvation Army, located at 1614 Avenue J, at 765-9434 .

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