Indictments: February 28, 2006 - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

This is a list of indictments issued by grand juries in Lubbock County, Texas, as reported to KCBD by the Lubbock Police Department. The individuals listed here have not necessarily been convicted of the crimes for which they were indicted.

Indictments: February 28, 2006

Owen, Jerry M. Forgery
Gonzales, Damaris R. Theft $20,000-$100,000
Gonzales, Damaris R. Fraudulent Use/Poss'n of ID Info.
Gonzales, Damaris R. Tampering w/Gov't Record
Kingery, Anissa Fraudulent Use/Poss'n of ID Info.
Kingery, Anissa Credit Card Abuse
Kingery, David Fraudulent Use/Poss'n of ID Info.
Johnson, Orelia G. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Berry, Kimberly L. Credit Card Abuse
Williams, Stephanie L. Credit Card Abuse
Betts, James D. Credit Card Abuse
Boone, Melissa K. Credit Card Abuse
Nelson, Jeremy S. Credit Card Abuse
Garcia, Enrique Jr. Burglary of Habitation
Gonzales, Raymon Jr. Burglary of Habitation
Young, Shatondrick D. Fraudulent Use/Poss'n of ID Info.
Catlett, Amanda B. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Dodson, Joseph R. Poss'n of Cont. Sub. <1g.
Moreno, Delores Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Mears, Jonathan T. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Hudson, Matthew T. Credit Card Abuse
Rasco, Jeremy Forgery
White, Chanequa R. Theft from Person
Volanos, Matthew W. Forgery
Rash, Christopher M. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Nichols, Michael S. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Rodriguez, Sammy H. Obtain Cont. Sub. by Forgery
Hawkins, Byron T. Poss'n w/Intent 1-4g. DFZ
Gibson, Ivory Poss'n w/Intent 1-4g. DFZ
Earnest, David C. Poss'n w/Intent 1-4g.
Rodriguez, Frankie Poss'n w/Intent 4-200g.
Stanley, Christina Poss'n w/Intent 4-200g.
Stanley, Michelle Poss'n w/Intent 4-200g.
Longoria, Sabas P. Jr. Poss'n w/Intent 1-4g.
Longoria, David Poss'n w/Intent 1-4g.
Ramirez, Uvence R. Poss'n Marijuana 4oz-5lbs
Rodriguez, Jon R. Agg. Assault
Rodriguez, Daniel Agg. Assault
Roberts, Terry D. Agg. Assault
Rodriguez, Ralph Jr. Agg. Assault
Ellis, William R. Agg. Assault
Dudley, Randy B. Assault - Domestic Violence w/Prior
Luna, Eric L. Assault - Domestic Violence w/Prior
Horton, James A. Agg. Robbery
Johnson, David A. Agg. Robbery
Peacock, James E. Agg. Robbery
Gant, Varren T. Agg. Assault
Conner, Corey J. Agg. Assault
Bailey, Dewitt D. Agg. Assault
Baker, Undra L. Agg. Assault
Minter, Elec C. Poss'n of Cont. Sub. w/Intent 1-4g.
Garcia, Thomas Jr. Endangering Child
Perez, Alfonso Jr. Agg. Assault
Harvey, Tandan L. Burglary of Habitation - Agg. Assault
Campbell, J'Cody Burglary of Habitation - Agg. Assault
Hernandez, Niky Agg. Assault
Chavarria, Michael J. Agg. Assault
Norman, Holden S. Agg. Assault
Cobbs, Clarence L. III Sexual Assault
Marinez, Joe J. Sexual Assault
Flores, Macedonio T. Jr. Agg. Sexual Assault
Gonzales, Alberto J. Solicitation of Child
Hagood, David D. Indecency w/Child
Black, Michael D. Agg. Assault - Public Servant
Evans, Jeremy L. Endangering Child
Grant, Holly C. Abandoning Child
Huff, Ricky L. II Poss'n Marijuana 2-4oz. DFZ
Nyugen, Tung Poss'n Cont. Sub. <1g.
Gordon, Clifford E. Evading w/Motor Vehicle
Horton, James A. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Jobe, Dustin L. Theft/Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Barnett, Edward W. Agg. Robbery
Barnett, Edward W. Evading w/Motor Vehicle
Barnett, Edward W. Unlicensed Use of Motor Vehicle
Wetter, Steven A. Forgery
Wetter, Steven A. Tampering w/ Gov't Record
Segovia, Steve Poss'n Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Morriel, Alvin Murder
Covarrubias, Joseph M. DWI
Uddley, Timothy D. Murder
Crumley, Phillip K Poss'n w/Intent to Deliver
Taylor, Ernest R. Agg. Assault w/ Weapon
Hernandez, Jaime Luis Robbery
Aguirre, Alex Agg. Assault

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