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The Dryer Max Dryer Balls: Does It Work?

Here's one you that claims to save you money. It is called the Dryer Max Dryer Balls. The box says it can soften fabrics naturally, and cuts drying time. Plus, you can re-use them up to three years. They cost us ten bucks, but Does It Work. The balls look like porcupines! Actually, they call them nodules that are supposed to "massage your fabrics and make them fluffier," better than the fabric softener can.

For the test, I'll be using two sets of identical towels. I will dry one with a fabric sheet and the other with the Dryer Max Balls. Let's wash them first!

The first load, we checked on in 15 minutes, in five minutes, then ten minutes again. It took the load 30 minutes in total drying time.

The second load, this time with the Dryer Max, we checked on it in ten minutes, then ten more minutes, and finally five more minutes, for a total of 25 minutes. The Dryer Max load was five less minutes, with a drying time of 15%. The makers claim on the package to cut drying time from 15-25%.

That was not all. We put both sets of towels next to each other. Clearly, we could see how the Dryer Max balls made the towels fluffier than the others. The Dryer Max Dryer Balls work!

What about the cost savings to you? We put a calculator to it. Let's say you dry six loads of laundry a week. The cost to do that is roughly $100 per year. But, when you use the dryer balls and cut your time by 15%, you save $15. On top of that, you will not have to buy dryer sheets, at approximately $20 a year. A $35 savings over the next three years will give you a total savings of $105.

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