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Food for Thought Report 3.2

We have no schools making the grade in this weeks Food for Thought. However, there are two schools who could do better. Plus the Lubbock Health Department cites three local restaurants with multiple critical violations and gives two restaurants tops honors for their cleanliness.

Food for Thought 3.2
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 3/2/06.

Harwell Elementary School at 4101 Avenue D had one critical violation. Inspectors found evidence of rodent droppings in the kitchen.

Nat Williams Elementary School at 4812 58th Street was also sited for one critical violation. During the inspection a spray bottle filled with a toxic material was found without a label. According to the report - that was corrected on site.

A new addition to Lubbock served up an ace and sliced through this week's health inspection with no critical violations. The grill at the Falls Tennis and Athletic Club enters the list of top performers with a grand slam.

Smoothie King at 4210 82nd blended up perfection making them a NewsChannel 11 top performer.

Now for a look at this week's low performers.

We start at Taco Bueno at 4317 50th Street where inspectors cited four critical violations.

  • Food was being held at the wrong temperature. Quesadillas were found at 54 degrees and cheese on the food prep line was found at 57 degrees. Cold food must be kept at 45 degrees or colder.
  • Employees were observed not washing their hands between job duties.
  • Inspectors also saw employees not handling ready to eat foods properly. Hand sanitizers, gloves, or utensils must be used to handle food products.
  • Food contact surfaces, including a knife and containers were soiled.

Taco Bueno Management tells NewsChannel 11 that the violations were corrected on site, the report shows that as well. Management also says "Everything is running smoothly now, and they hope to keep it that way."

Our next restaurant is a repeat low performer. Inspectors found five critical violations at Souper Salad at 6703 Slide Road including:

  • Pasta salad on the salad bar held at 55 degrees and potato salad at 52 degrees. Cold food must be kept at 45 degrees or colder.
  • Personal drinks were stored on shelves by spices, above a hand washing sink and on a table by food items.
  • Inspectors also found lettuce with brown edges and dented cans.
  • Possible toxic items and spray bottles were not properly labeled, and contained an unknown solution.
  • Food contact surfaces were found soiled including: a can opener that was very soiled and a knife that was found stored on a table.

Other violations included: Dusty air vents above an ice machine in the kitchen area. A reach in freezer, vent hood and stove were all found soiled. Wiping cloths were found on food and non-food contact surfaces. And finally containers storing salad dressing were very soiled.

The manager at Souper Salad did not wish to comment. The report shows all violations were corrected on site.

Our final low performer is Buffalo Wild Wings at 8212 University. We begin with the first of 8 critical violations including:

  • Improper cooling of food products. Inspectors found grilled, sliced and diced chicken at 80 degrees after three hours - it must be cooled to 70 degrees within 2 hours and 70 to 41 degrees within 4 hours. The reason? Bacteria can multiply rapidly if food is not cooled quickly.
  • Cheese was found at 57 degrees. Cold food must be kept at 45 degrees or colder. The manager at Buffalo Wild Wings says coolers have been serviced since the inspection.
  • Inspectors observed employees not properly washing hands between job duties and using their apron to wipe their hands.
  • Personal drinks were stored throughout the kitchen.
  • Employees were using soiled gloves while handling ready-to-eat foods.
  • A hand sink was not accessible to due trays stored over it. Management says all employees have been reminded of proper food handling and hand washing practices.
  • Toxic items were not properly labeled and a product not in its original container was found without a label.
  • Food contact surfaces in the clean dishes and equipment area were found soiled.

The manager told NewsChannel 11 all violations have been corrected, he added that the inspector came in at 1 p.m., right after their lunch rush. "(We) are working closely with the inspector, and hope to have a flawless future inspection so next time we won't be on your bad side."

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