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Three Arrested in Drug Bust Near Lubbock School

Less than one week after the Drug Enforcement Administration shuts down one of the largest crack cocaine operations in Lubbock, Lubbock police seize 100 hits of ecstasy. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel found out ecstasy isn't the only drug officers found.

Not only did police find a hundred hits of ecstasy, they also found large amounts of methamphetamine. It all came from a duplex at 3412 49th St., which is just feet away from Monterey HIgh school. That means the penalties will be more severe because the area is considered a drug free zone.

The investigation started a few days ago when LPD undercover narcotics agents started watching the house. Thursday, they pulled over a car leaving the house and found drug paraphernalia. That gave them enough evidence for a search warrant where they broke into the house and found drugs, guns, and stolen property. Police say taking drugs off of Lubbock streets is one main focus for the department.

"It's certainly something we're concentrating on right now. Unfortunately meth is pandemic certainly throughout the country and it's a problem here in Lubbock. You can look over my shoulder right now and you can see it's just across the street from Monterey high school and that's not something we can have." said Lt. Roy Basset.

Police found tires, rims, a TV, power tools, radios and speakers, all believed to be stolen property.

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