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Lift Weights Twice a Week To Reduce Belly Fat

We know belly fat has been linked to heart disease, and we know that middle-aged women tend to gain an average of one to two pounds a year...mainly fat, but a new study may offer a solution to that...even without dieting.

A study presented to the American Heart Association Friday suggests that lifting weights twice a week for an hour can cut down on the buildup of tummy fat. Researchers studied two groups and found the group that was lifting weights twice a week without exercise had only a 7% increase in tummy fat in a two year period. While the group that was not lifting weights had a 21% boost in the belly.

The study, done in Wisconsin, looked at 164 overweight or obese women age 24 to 44. After two years women in the weight training group lost 3.7 percent body fat. Researchers used ct scans to measure the amount of abdominal fat in the women. The weight training sessions consisted of many muscle groups, including chest, back, shoulders, biceps, buttocks and thighs.

So, imagine what you could do to shape the tummy if you lifted weights twice a week and watched your diet at the same time.

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