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HealthWise at 5 From 3.6

  • Moving Robotic X-Ray

Instead of being motionless for medical imaging, a newly developed x-ray video device is intended to track patients in action. Engineers at the university of Florida have developed a robot that literally moves in synch with a patient. The robot is programmed to track an led patch that the patient wears on the body part that hurts. The unique system will help doctors see joints, muscles and bone while in use, and help determine which treatment would be best and most successful.

  • Urine Biosensor Test

It can take days to pinpoint the type of bacteria causing a urinary track infection. Now, a biosensor under study can provide results in under an hour. UCLA tested biosensor chip that can tell one type of infection-causing bacteria from another. When a known bacterium is in the sample, it triggers a reaction that generates an electrical current. A machine detects the increased electrical activity and then reports on the type and concentration of the bacteria. Study results were 98% accurate, and it's expected the test will be available in the next few years.

  • Doctor Fashion

The clothes can make the man or woman, so the saying goes. When it comes to a doctor's appearance, patients do have preferences. A study from new Zealand finds there are certain fashion "don'ts" that patients don't like, such as unusual piercings, or trendy outfits. According to this survey, the best dressed doctors wear semiformal clothes, no white coat, and accessorize with one "must-have," a friendly smile.

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