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Wired Safety Offers Blog Safety Education for Parents and Kids

Wired Safety is the world's largest online safety and help group. If you know your child has a blog-site, Wired Safety can help. "I advise parents first to take a breath and not to overact. That's not the way to approach the problem. We should remember what we did as kids and keep that in mind with what you look at," says Parry Aftab.

Beware and Monitor Teen Activities Online
Kids no longer have to leave the house to meet, chat and network with people from all over the world. But if you don't monitor that activity, you may find your kids giving child predators direct access. NewsChannel 11's Sharon Maines explains the hidden dangers and shows us what Lubbock I.S. D. is doing to help.

Aftab is Executive Director of Wired Safety. 11,000 volunteers donate their time to help educate parents and kids on cyber-safety. She says the key is to talk to your children about their profile or blog. Aftab says, "Rather than say you have to take it down, you absolutely can't do this, look at ways to make it safer. Talk to your kids. What reasons did they set it up? For example to showcase their expertise on dinosaurs and pyramids or did they want to show off their great fashion sense? Talk to them about how do they get to that without putting themselves at risk."

Aftab also reminds parents that not everything on your child's profile may be true. She says "Not everything on the internet is true, especially not on their kid's My Space."

My Space requires members to be at least 14 but trust is the only age verification. So, a My Space team monitors and tries to identify any profiles that may belong to underage users. If your child is lying about his or her age, My Space will help you remove their profile. ( Click here for help ).

Last week, a new social website opened in effort to keep sexual predators away from children. Aftab started the website YFLYwith singer Nick Lachey. Aftab says, "I ran into Nick at a restaurant in Los Angeles and told him sexual predators were using his name and pretending to be friend trying to meet kids and get them to send pictures."

YFLY is for teens only. Aftab says, "We've got a lot more rules in place. Everything is password protected and if I find anyone over the age of 19 masquerading on the site, I will call the cops."

Wired Safety also offers tutorials, a question and answer section and much more for parents. For more information on Wired Safety, ( click here ). To visit YFLY, ( click here ) and to go to My Space, ( click here ).

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