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Kids Attention Span Not Effected By TV

Researchers at Texas Tech say just because a pre-schooler watches a lot of TV doesn't mean they're going to have attention problems later in school. That's after studying about 5,000 kids in kindergarten and first grade over a 2 year period. The Texas Tech findings in the March issue of Pediatrics conflict with a similar study in the same journal a year ago.

The Texas Tech study says if there is an association, it may be that the exhausted parents of already overly active children are more likely to let them watch TV to give themselves a break, and not that TV itself leads to attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD.

The study was conducted to determine if TV viewing habits during the kindergarten year resulted in ADHD in first grade. According to the study the results of the present study do not indicate the presence of an important relationship between television exposure and subsequent attention problems.

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