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Lubbock Mom's Locks of Love Tradition

March 7th is an important anniversary to the Welch family of Lubbock. You may remember Haden Welch was the subject of numerous fundraisers in this area nine years ago. The four-year-old needed a bone marrow transplant for Leukemia. He got the transplant and it was successful, but an infection later took his life on March 7th, 1997. That's why we found Tori Welch, his mom, in braids Tuesday. Every year on the anniversary of Haden's death, she cuts her hair for Locks of Love, an organization which makes wigs for kids, like her son, who lost his hair during cancer treatment.

"For him even being a four year old little boy it effected him. The day his hair fell out he just started crying and 'My hair is falling out!' even for a four year old little boy. I can't imagine how a teenage girl or a mother, you know, would be effected and it's just hair, it grows back and it's for a good cause. They make wigs for people that is natural hair and not plastic wigs and natural hair wigs. For me, it's just hair. It will grow back and I'll do it again next year," says Welch.

Teresa, a friend of the Welch family, joins Tori every year at Lindsey's Salon to cut off 10 inches of hair for Locks of Love. If you'd like to make the same donation, there are rules to follow when you submit a braid of hair to Locks of Love. For more information on that, follow this link .

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