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French Chocolate Claims Weight Loss Benefits

The makers of a new French chocolate claim that it can satisfy your sweet tooth and help you drop pounds at the same time...without changing your diet or increasing your exercise.

It's called Slim Delices. It's made in France but has recently been introduced in this country, but before you bite into this diet, you should know that doctors and dieticians are already skeptical.

"I'm a little skeptical because chocolate tends to have a lot of not so beneficial ingredients. You're fighting a lot of sugar and a lot of high saturated fats," says Danielle Lipparelli, a registered dietician.

"We are a dietary supplement. We're not a chocolate. We are not a snack," says Helen Krasovic, Sales Director for Slim Delices.

Slim Delices is not cheap either, iIf you stick to the plan, 3 pieces a day will cost you $80 a month.

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