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Annual Bowling Event Helps Big Brothers

It currently takes more than a thousand dollars a child to put them through the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. Because of these high costs the organization holds an annual Bowl For Kids Sake fund raiser. The event raises approximately ten to fifteen thousand dollars to help their more than five hundred kids enrolled in this program. With bowling on the agenda Big Brother volunteer Manuel Gonzales is taking some time to spend with his Little Brother.

"I include him in a lot of things I do normally. Like if I go to campus and go to the Rec., I take him up there. I'm in a tennis league and he'll go out there and play with me," stated Gonzales.

"Go out eating. You'd be surprised how many kids haven't gone and eaten at a restaurant," added Gonzales.

It was while introducing his Little Brother to a new cuisine where Gonzales remembers an interesting experience.

"I took him to Shoguns and had him try sushi, and I thought he was going to throw it up in front of everybody that was there," Gonzales remarked.

Executive Director Cindy Miller sees the organization as a catalyst to a better future for todays youth.

"Big Brothers Big Sisters is a program that we have kids between the ages of five and fifteen, that we match with one to one mentors. They are just additional positive role models that we can bring into their life," said Miller.

"The kids in our program are coming from either single parent families or foster care systems. Every child that is in our program has been put into the program because they need or want to have an additional role model in their life. I don't think many people know what mentoring does for their own community, because these kids are going to be our future. And when I am old they are going to be the ones running the town," stated Gonzales.

For any one who wishes to either donate or become a Big Brother or Sister you can contact the organization by calling (806) 763-6131 or log on to

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