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The Effects of Ambien

Ambien is a sleeping pill that has helped millions overcome Insomnia, even Air Force pilots use it. A study by forensic scientists has found that Ambien, the most widely prescribed sleep aid in America, is one of the top 10 reasons for DUI arrests in 10 states.

So now, doctors and pharmacists are advised to remind patients to read the fine print, and to avoid dangerous situations that you may not remember, like getting in a car and driving under the influence of that pill. In 2004, the FDA reportedly received nearly 50 reports of problems with Ambien, including sleep-driving, which can make a person look drunk when they're not.

Dr. Mark Mahowald says, "sleeping medications are occasionally used in combination with alcohol, but either one alone can serve as a trigger for these behaviors". The FDA says it has no plans yet to change the label, but that it is just reminding people to read the label, and especially the fine print.

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