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One Name, Two People, Two Public Office Elections

On election day, many Lubbock voters will see the two identical names on the ballot. David Miller is running for mayor and another David Millers is running for Frenship ISD school board. Two races, two candidates, same name. NewsChannel 11's Kealey McIntire did some research and found David can be a popular name in many places.

The names David and Miller are fairly common and even NewsChannel 11 confused the two last week. Friday we showed a picture of the David Miller who's running for Frenship school board when talking about the David Miller in the mayoral race. So we wanted to use it as an opportunity to set the record straight and introduce you both David Millers.

Meet David Miller, Lubbock Mayoral Candidate. However, you may know another David Miller who's running for Frenship ISD School Board.

Mayoral Candidate David Miller was born around 1950, and according to the Social Security Administration David was the fifth most popular name in the country at that time. David is also the fifth most popular name in the state right now, which is evident in the Feist where you'll find ten David Millers.

"One's a preacher," said Mayoral Candidate David Miller, "so when I get his calls I have to do counseling over the phone," he said with a smile.

Miller has known countless David's and David Millers. Over the years he's developed a sense of humor when others have confused them.

"It happens" Miller laughed. "I would have to tell you this is really the first time it's happened this publicly. However, it's something that really does matter to me."

Now that two David Millers are in the public eye, Miller wants to set himself apart as the David Miller running for Lubbock mayor.

"I'm more of a visionary leader that likes to dream big dreams then set people to work on accomplishing those dreams," he said.

Miller says as mayor he'll focus on improving water, public safety and quality of life issues without being a "micro-manager."

Miller says the mayor and city council should come up with a strategic plan then let the city manager go to work on the specifics. "Give her all the resources she needs via budgeting, make sure we hold her accountable and then get our of her way and let her do her job," said Miller.

If elected he won't be the only Mayor Miller. He would share the title of "Mayor David Miller" with Toronto Mayor David Miller.

Frenship ISD candidate David Miller was unavailable for an on camera interview, but he tells us many people have asked him if he's running for mayor.

Miller has been in the construction business for over 20 years, he currently sits on Frenship's construction management committee and says that background will help.

Miller says, "Most growing school districts will look at expanding in the near future, my construction background will bring something to the table with that."

You can identify Frenship ISD candidate David Miller as David "R" Miller on the ballot.

David Miller, the mayoral candidate, will face Ysabel Luna, Gilbert Montes and Mayor Pro-Tem Tom Martin in the May election.

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