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Lubbock Emergency Management Says 'We're Ready' in Case of Local Wildfire

The death toll is now at 11, the number of acres burned is now at 750,000 and as on Tuesday night parts of the Panhandle are still burning. Governor Rick Perry has declared a state of emergency for the panhandle area and Lubbock county is included.

Wildfires have spread all over Lubbock. Dry conditions, and lack of rain combined with any kind of spark can lead to fires just like we're seeing in Amarillo. That's why emergency management is asking that everyone try and help prevent these fires in the first place.

USDA Forest Service Wildfire Map
Track active wildfires and the efforts to combat them with the USDA Forest Service Wildfire Map.

A fire Monday in Lynn county burnt 660 acres. Right now, dry conditions and acres of CRP have left Lubbock and the surrounding areas are very vulnerable to wildfires. Lubbock Emergency Management says we need the resources available here if fires do start, which is why we have not sent any fire crews to help Amarillo.

Emergency management says mother nature also has a hand in the increased fire danger. Ken Olsen with Lubbock Emergency Management says, "We are in storm season, so here comes thunderstorms which will provide another ignition source through lightning. We need to be careful for that too and monitor and look out for."

County commissioners implemented a burn ban back on December 30th. It was suppose to be lifted March 27th, but emergency management tells us that date will be moved back until conditions are safe.

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