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Volunteer Fire Departments Short on Resources

Wildfires have been a problem for fire fighters all over the state, including the smallest volunteer departments. Roosevelt says the number of trash and grass fires doubled over the past year, and they've already seen a record number of grass fires in 2006.

The department has also had trouble rounding up their volunteers during the work day because of other jobs. The chief says stations have been working together to make up for the little resources. Bill Sides, the Roosevelt Fire Chief says, "The whole state has pretty well brought all of the fire departments together. I know our area we work with Slaton, Buffalo, Idalou and Ransom, but we haven't had to go out to Ransom, thank goodness."

We are told that some smaller fire departments are also seeing a water shortage while fighting fires, which means it could take longer to put out a fire.

USDA Forest Service Wildfire Map
Track active wildfires and the efforts to combat them with the USDA Forest Service Wildfire Map.

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