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The Shedender: Does It Work?

This is "Stinky." He is a Pekinese with a lot of hair which means he sheds a lot. "Stinky" don't worry. We've got a product that could help you. It's called the Shedender. It cost ten bucks but Does It Work?

Pampered Paws owner Diana Dowd has her reservations. "Shedender', nice name, but it's not going to completely stop the shedding," said Diana.

This product actually claims to remove shedding hair trapped in your pet's undercoat. No where does it say it will stop shedding altogether. With that in mind, let us get started on the test.

"The dryer the dog, the better the outcome," told Diana. After using the product for a couple of strokes, Diana started to change her mind about the product. "It is comfortable. It has a nice handle. This is actually a blade we use for clipping that has been fitted on a handle," said Diana after examining the product.

"Stinky's coat is laying nice. Turn him around so they can see the difference in his coat. This is the side I just did," she showed us. "It's already laying a little flatter."

The Shedender removed more than a handful of undercoat just from one small section of Stinky's body. Diana says to do the whole dog can take up to two hours. She also showed us how it can also work on short haired dogs, like a Rat Terrier.

Diana agrees it is a good product. She just warns you need to be careful when using it. You can cut your dog or cat skin.

She also adds, when you use a combination of different brushes, your results will be better. All in all, the Shedender works!

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