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Food for Thought Report 3.16

Nine critical violations, including roaches and employees not washing their hands. That's what we found in this week's only restaurant on the Food For Thought list.

The only restaurant this week is a low performer.

Food for Thought 3.16
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 3/16/06.

Inspectors sited Texas Briar Patch at 1011 23rd Street with nine critical violations. We begin with one of the most potentially hazardous violations:

  • Inspectors found cold foods at 53 degrees. Cold foods must be kept between 41 - 45 degrees or colder.
  • Personal was observed serving customers with out washing hands.
  • Inspectors say an ice scoop was found severely broken, and because of this, it could not be properly cleaned and sanitized.
  • A reach-in cooler was not properly maintaining temperature.
  • A hand sink did not have towels or soap.
  • Evidence of roaches was found behind the bar.
  • Proper dish washing procedures were also not being practiced.
  • A thermometer inside a cooler was not properly calibrated or was not providing an accurate temperature.
  • Food contact surfaces were not clean or sanitized.

NewsChannel 11 tried to contact management at Texas Briar Patch. An employee we spoke with said a manager would not be available to comment until Friday. According to the report all violations were corrected on site.

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