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Allergy Sufferers Can Blame Weather

If it seems like your allergies are worse this year, you are not alone. Experts say you can blame the weather.

Six months of no rain makes it dry outside and with the fires to the north of us, Dr. Robert Mamlock says the conditions are not good for allergy sufferers. "This has been a dry winter of course. And it really does have an aspect of effect on aero biology. We know, for example, during dry months plants will start producing more pollen almost as a survival mechanism," said Dr. Mamlock.

Don't mistake your allergies for the common cold. Dr. Mamlock says if you have a fever, more than likely you have a cold.

To treat allergies, Dr. Mamlock says for itchy eyes and a runny nose, use a medication with antihistamines. If you have nasal blockage, then use a decongestant. But he says you'll get the best relief if you see an allergy specialist.

Allergy Center
While many mild allergies are more of a nuisance than anything else, they can be disruptive enough to require ongoing vigilance and medical treatment. Occasionally, they can be life-threatening. Learn more here.

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