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9-1-1 Call After Little Panda Ceiling Collapse

Operator: Hello 9-1-1...

Caller: We need help on Slide; at the little Panda on Slide.

Operator: At where at Slide?

At the Little Panda on Slide.

Operator: Little Panda on Slide?

Yes. The roof has just collapsed.

Operator: Ma'am hang on one second. PD do you have an address?

908 Slide.

Operator: 908, thank you very much. It's just off of 4th and Slide?

Do what?

Operator: It's off of 4th and Slide?

It's off of 19th and Slide.

Operator: Okay, okay. Is she inside the store there?

Do what?

Operator: Is she inside the restaurant?

Everybody is inside the restaurant, I'm inside the restaurant.

Operator: Okay, is she breathing okay?

Yes, she is breathing but there is people screaming.

Operator: Okay, what happened?

The ceiling just collapsed.

Operator: The ceiling collapsed?

Yes. Do you want to talk to 9-1-1?

Operator: Okay, how many people are injured?

I have no idea.

Operator: You don't know how many people are injured?

Probably eight or so people in the building.

Operator: Okay, we do have an ambulance on it's way okay, I need you to stay on the line with me okay?

Okay, ok I will do that.

Operator: Okay, we have them on the way if you can possibly talk to them and see how many people are injured, ok?

Okay, how many people are injured? There's a table right here but other than that...

Operator: Okay do you know how much of the ceiling collapsed?

Do what?

Operator: The whole ceiling or was it just a little piece?

No the whole ceiling.

Operator: The whole ceiling in the whole restaurant collapsed?

Yes.I'm standing at the window right now.

Operator: Okay Ma'am?


Operator: Okay,We have them on the way okay? I'm going to go ahead and stay on the line with you okay? Okay, can you see anybody that is injured? Can you see any of them?

No, I can only see...

Operator: What did you say your phone cut out?

I can only see one person as of now there are some people out here trying to help us.

Operator: Ok, we do have the fire department also on the way also to help us out. Okay we have them on the way ok?


Operator: Ma'am? Are you inside the business?

Yes I am inside.

Operator: Can you talk to anybody can you find out how many people are hurt? We need to know it.


Operator: Now then I want you also, can you smell any gas or anything?


Operator: There's what I'm sorry?

I think its water I can't really smell what it is.

Operator: I can hear another lady talking. Ok, ok. Can you see a fire truck or anything yet? I'm sorry?

I can hear sirens but I can't see any ambulances.

Operator: Ok, just so you know I've got a bunch of people on the way over their okay?

Okay, I hear a siren.

Operator: Okay I want to stay on the line with you though so you can tell if anybody is hurt.

There is some more people, I can't tell they are just screaming for help.

Operator: Ok you can hear people screaming for help but you can't find them?


Operator: Ok, go ahead and send another one. Can you see anybody yet can you see any ambulances or anything?

I can hear them but I'm not at a place where I can turn my head. I can hear them behind us my friend can see them.

Operator: Ok is that a fire truck pulling up?

I cant see them.

Operator: You can't see them I'm sorry. Ok, it sounds like there is somebody their ok you are inside the business?

Yes I am inside.

Operator: Ok what I want you to do, can you get out of the business?

Um, no I can't.

Operator: You are stuck inside?

The paramedics are coming to help us get out.

Operator: Ok thank you ma'am. Ok bye bye

I can't their is a table.

Operator: Ok. How many people are with you?

Yes they are.

Operator: How many people are with you, how many of your friends?

I don't' know, I know there was two at that table.

Operator: Ok ma'am they should be there ok?

OK thank you.

Operator: Ok thank you, bye bye.

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